Parenting Blog - New YearThe kids and I spent Saturday afternoon creating vision boards. Yes. I'm that much of a hippie.

Two years ago, I made my first vision board. On it, I put the things I wanted to see come true in my life. It was very much "The Secret" with ripped out magazine pictures replacing universal askings. While I didn't win the lotto – even though I put a ticket front and center, realizing later it was a losing ticket and therefore, in an odd way, came true – there were a lot of things on my board that did happen over the course of a year.

I stopped biting my nails. I found more time to play with the kids. I got a job that paid me enough money I didn't have to worry overly much about my bills. My house became a bit more organized and I developed the friendships I was craving in my personal life.

Then, I moved, and for some reason didn't create a new board.

If 2012 was a year of jumping off cliffs and hoping for hidden ledges to break my fall, 2013 is going to be a year to get my life organized and on track. Because while a divorce can be fairly traumatic even if it's of an amicable nature, I can only take so much clutter in my life before it's time to clean the closet. Literally and metaphorically.

So the kids and I sat down with our poster boards – theirs half the size of mine. I explained the concept of resolutions – which went over their heads – and then tried to explain vision boards. They stared at me blankly until I finally told them to rip up magazines and make a picture. Not surprisingly, Joseph's ended up with a lot of toys and Legos and Elizabeth's is covered with pretty dresses.

We'll hang the boards in our rooms and use them to motivate us throughout 2013.

How do you find motivation?