Of Kids and Pets

Kids and PetsThe mom caves when her children beg for a puppy and then ends up doing all the work associated with pet ownership. It’s a cliche for a reason. I just didn’t think it would pertain to fish. Gold fish at that.

After all, fish require two things – at least the fish we have. Food and water. And by water, I mean the occasional cleaning of their tank. I knew the cleaning of the tank would fall on me. The last thing I wanted was for Joseph or Elizabeth to carry a fish bowl full of water across the kitchen, scoop out fish and deposit them in a glass jar, and then dump the water in the sink to rinse the stones. 

I did not expect, however, the kids to forget about the excitement of dropping a few granules in the water and watching the fish come up for their breakfast. Apparently the interest in consistently feeding fish lasts all of three days with the random upswing in feeding the fish occurring after watching Finding Nemo.

All of this means I have fish. Two more tiny mouths to feed and care for.

Granted, it’s not a lot of work, but it does mean that my gingers’ hard push for a puppy is not going to happen. I can see what would happen. I would feed the puppy, train the puppy, walk the puppy, clean up after the puppy. I would be a cliche.

I hate being a cliche. So we’ll stick with fish.

Are you the zookeeper in your home?