Being Spontaneous

Parenting Blog - Beach DayIt should come as no surprise that I’m a planner. I like to color code my calendars with fun activities as well as quiet time off. I wasn’t always this unadventurous. I was known for being up for a road trip anywhere with no prior warning. Show up at Mandy’s house, wake her up, and be in Vegas six hours later.

Having kids, though, changed me. There are naps and bedtimes, and you have to feed them on a semi-regular schedule to prevent melt downs. Add in work and chores and before I knew it, I was a fuddy duddy. But yesterday, we decided to do something spontaneous.

We drove a half hour to a local beach town and wandered to the harbor to see what was going on. We’d hoped to see some of the tall ships in dock, but were too late for the tours. We walked down the sidewalk mainlining salt water taffy and looking at sea shells with googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs. Then, a chalkboard sign caught my eye.

We walked down a dock to a boat offering harbor cruises for a ridiculously low price. The kids donned life vests, I bought them Shirley Temples from the on board tiki bar and we settled back for a 70 minute cruise taking us up close and personal with sea lions, otters, and seals.

The kids were in heaven. I was utterly relaxed and enjoying myself. We disembarked and the kids raced up the dock to the street.

“This was the best day ever!” Joseph called over his shoulder.

I think I’m going to try to inject more spontaneity into our lives. It really does make for the best days ever.

What kind of family fun adventures do you go on?