Daylight Savings TimeIt’s Day 2 of Daylight Savings Time and I have come to the realization I may not survived. As I’ve established, I’m not a morning person. At all. This means that the whole “spring forward” thing nearly killed me before having kids. Now that I’m a mom, it’s a recipe for disaster because apparently my children live by the clock and get up at 6:30 regardless of the time change or zone.

Sunday morning found me groaning into my pillow while the kids stage whispered that they would let mama sleep in a little bit. I groped for my clock, reading the 5:30 a.m. and trying to determine why it was so obviously dawn at such an early hour. It took a bit of time for my foggy brain to comprehend that in a moment of rebellion, I hadn’t changed my clock in my bedroom.

I was barely awake all morning and then, once I finally started going, was appalled to realize the day was more than half over and we had not gotten dressed, eaten lunch, taken showers, or even opened the blinds. I was like a stumbling mole for much of the morning and for that I blame Daylight Savings Time.

Granted, yesterday evening, as the sun stayed in the sky until nearly 7:00, I realized I’d have two hours after getting home to work in my garden and tend my chickens. I know, at some point, I’ll enjoy the extra hour. But this week will be rough.

Survival is not guaranteed.

How do you cope with Daylight Savings Time?