Minding Your MannersWhen I was a kid, I got my hands on the Disney Elegant Book of Manners, a tome that now retails for over $300 on Amazon which makes me wish I would have kept it. From this book, I learned about sitting with my napkin in my lap, how to properly spoon soup, and that it’s never okay to pick your friend’s nose.

While my parents have great manners, it was this book that made me want to emulate the characters from my favorite movies. My sisters and I sat around the table with our crackers and vegetable beef soup pretending we were at a formal dinner party. It was where I learned about multiple forks and that putting your silverware at the five o’clock position signaled your plate could be cleared – if I wasn’t clearing it myself and if the server who happened to be working at the local diner knew that little tidbit of etiquette.

Most of what I read and memorized is ingrained in me today. I sit at the table, with my napkin in my lap, my fork and knife held properly, my mouth closed while chewing and watch my progeny use his fingers and hands to scoop food into his mouth.

It drives me crazy.

My ex doesn’t see anything wrong with it – he’s a finger eater as well, though he can put on company manners when the mood strikes – and doesn’t seem to realize that at almost seven, our son should be less a barbarian and more a little gentleman, capable of eating without spilling food all over his tray and using his hands for his pasta.

It’s a losing battle that I’m fighting.

And I’m not quite certain how to handle it.

The only thing I can think of is finding a Minecraft Book of Manners and hoping it sticks. Well, that and the constant correcting I currently do.

Do you have any tips to help me with my barbarian?