Parenting Blog - Single Mother's DayMother’s Day is coming up this weekend. Being  a single parent on Mother’s Day means it’s highly unlikely I’m going to get a new Kitchen Aid or a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Still, last year’s Mother’s Day ranked as one of the best I’ve ever had.

If you’re in the same boat this year—a single or divorced mom—here are a few ideas to celebrate this day of you.
1. Be treated. Do a quick search to see what restaurants are offering free meals to moms. Last year, the kids and I hit up a local place where I got a free meal while the kids feasted on seasoned fries and burgers of their own. Even if you’re paying for your kids’ meals, you’ll still feel like you got treated.
2. Get some flowers. Most of the big box hardware stores will have a “Plant a Flower for your Mother” station on Mother’s Day. A few minutes of selecting and planting and your children can happily present you with beautiful blooms. Check your local stores for more information.
3. Make it a Yes Day. Ice cream for breakfast? Why not. Movies in our pajamas at noon? Sure! Sometimes it’s nice not to be the Mom and relax the rules a bit—especially on a day celebrating you.
4. Order in. Considering you ate for free at lunch, why not order in for a pizza or Thai? If you’re like me, you’re usually on a pretty tight budget, but this one day is the perfect day to splurge and forget calorie counting.
5. Don’t do the dishes. No. Seriously. They’ll be there tomorrow. As will the laundry, the beds, the dirty bathroom, the floors that need to be mopped, and the pile of mail that needs to be sorted. For one day, just let all the house cleaning go.
Happy Mother’s Day to you all!