Temporary TattooI have two tattoos. My youngest sister has one, and my other sister has Elvis on her leg and a photo of our parents on her arm. I don’t regret my tattoos, but they’re not something I want covering the perfect  bodies of my children. I’m obviously a hypocrite in this regards.

Joseph doesn’t really notice them, but Elizabeth has a fascination that borders on obsession. She loves to draw on her legs with her markers “just like Aunt Melissa”. Temporary tattoos make their way on her arms and legs with frequency and the question of “does it hurt?” is asked with alarming frequency.

And yes. I tell her it hurts very badly. I told you I was a hypocrite.

Last weekend one of her great-grandmothers bought Elizabeth a bracelet-making kit. It was filled with stickers, transfers, embroidery floss, and six neon bangle bracelets. Ignoring the age of 6+ in big, bold print on the side of the box, I decided to go ahead and let her play with it.

Under supervision.

She took it to her dad’s house for the afternoon and proceeded to open it. Under the supervision of her other great grandmother who didn’t seem to think anything of her using the transfers as tattoos and covering her chest, stomach, arms, and legs with brightly colored butterflies and flowers.

Interestingly, they don’t appear to be temporary, but of the black sharpie variety of permanence. 

She’s incredibly pleased with herself.

I’m worried. Her 18th birthday may be a bit wilder than I’d hope.

How would you feel about your children getting tattoos when they’re older?