Screen Time for KidsI’ve recently become obsessed with an alien Doctor who speaks with a British accent and is known for his blue police box, his sonic screwdriver, and his penchant for red Converse. Doctor Who is my new favortie television show. Yes, my nerdity knows no bounds.

As I was explaining the show to my ex who was thanking his lucky stars he wasn’t being forced to watch it with me, Joseph piped up.

“That’s a mod in Minecraft.”


“It’s a modification in Minecraft. You can be the Doctor and fight weeping angels, Daleks, Cybermen, and the empty child. There’s even a TARDIS.”

My son suddenly knew more about a British sci fi show than I did. I was torn between pride and dismay. After all, more than one episode of Doctor Who has resulted in me jumping, squeaking, or otherwise expressing fear. The show is intense at times, with characters dying or regenerating, worlds exploding, and aliens creeping about.

“How did you know about that?”

“There are videos. Can I watch it with you?” His voice was filled with excitement, his eyes lit up, and I could see the beginning of the same obsession that plagues me when I come across a new show or hobby.

“I’m not sure,” I hedged. “Let me think about it.”

And think about it I did. Even without seeing a single episode, it’s all he can talk about. Weeping Angels have replaced zombies and the TARDIS has replaced Lego Ghost Trains. On the one hand, I’m excited to share this new love. On the other, I’m his mom, not his aunt, which means I need to be aware of what he’s viewing and how it affects him.

I’m thinking about it so much, I’m hoping he forgets that he wants to watch it. 

Something tells me that’s not likely.

What are your favorite shows to watch with your kids? Leave your comments below.