Not a Stylish Mom

Not a Fashionable MomI'm a not a stylish mom. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I blame my love of functionality and comfort. I may covet those gorgeous stilettos, but let's be honest. With my sense of "grace" I'm more likely to turn an ankle than a few heads.

Still, I've been blessed with incredibly stylish sisters. They all have their own sense of style – from my fashion merchandising major single sister who routinely teeters on $300 pairs of shoes to the vintage chic sister who finds her glassware at thrift shops and dresses her children in exquisitely detailed clothing made from recycled men's shirts to the hipster LA sister who wears her tatts like accessories to her ironically big hair. 

As you can imagine, they despair of me.

Never more so than when I'm looking for something as pedestrian as a camera bag. They send me links to gorgeous leather pieces that cost almost as much as the camera. They show me photos of hand made chevron inserts in vintage camera bags found at a garage sale in an Iowa farm town. 

While I look at serviceable black canvas bags and try to decide if I want to get extravagant and buy one with a red zipper.

This would all be well and good except once I see their offerings, my bags suddenly look a little, well, blah.

Which is why, days before I leave to go on my trip, I find myself suddenly second guessing the actual bags I'm packing my gear in. Being unfashionable is far easier than being fashionable.

Did motherhood impede your sense of style?