Summer is OverThe kids and I are back from vacation and are getting back into our groove. This is the week school starts, my work hours go back to normal, and even though Labor Day is still a couple weeks away, summer will be, for my family, over.

Just a couple weeks ago I wrote about the craziness of back to school supplies in the stores. Now I’m stocking up on crayons and sandwich bags, cleaning backpacks, and buying the lovely little pre-packaged snacks and lunch items that will disappear by mid school year to be replaced with less fun lunch items. Pencils are being sharpened and with every crisp, fresh notebook, I’m reminded of heading back to school when I was a kid. It’s a fresh start, a new year. And, somehow, the return to routine is welcome more that I’d like to admit.

I’m going to miss the easier mornings – even though I rushed out the door to work. I’m going to miss my three day weekend – even though I won’t miss the ten hour days. I’m going to miss the later summer nights, the comfortable clothing, even the hot days.

Well, mostly the hot days.

I’ll miss the beach days, the vacation planning, the concerts in the park, the movies at the lake, and the fairs. Summer is a magical time full of sunshine and growing gardens. It’s a time to run free – even if you’re working forty hours a week.

What are you going to miss about summer?