Christmas in September

Christmas in SeptemberI'm familiar with the whole concept of Christmas overlapping and sometimes preempting Halloween. I know once November 1st hits, I duck and cover and put my hands over my ears during All The Commercials. I know that by the end of November, I'm burned out from Christmas ads, Christmas sales, and articles telling me how to make it a very Merry Christmas. What I'm not familiar with is seeing a Christmas commercial a week before September ends, launching my children's "It's almost Christmas!!" excitement.

It's an excitement level I'm not sure any of us are going to be able to maintain without a complete meltdown. 

If you look at it from a calendar perspective, starting the Christmas cheer during the last week of September gives us three full months of Christmas. That's a quarter of the year! That's 25% of our annual trip around the sun. I can't see how focusing on Christmas that fully for that long wouldn't burn a person out.

As for the kids, three months of waiting until Christmas is going to cause above said meltdowns. Not because they're particularly whiny or have a "gimme" attitude. No. For kids, a week is a long time. Two weeks is forever. A month is eternity and three months is beyond conception of time. Especially when the ads are already telling them what they want from Santa and the Advent Calendars are for a measly fraction of the "Season".

I'm about ready to do a television moratorium until mid-November. Maybe then I'll be able to approach my favorite holiday with fresh eyes and a happy heart.

I might also have to avoid Pinterest.

And Facebook.

And Instagram.

How do you feel about the ever encroaching advent of Christmas?