Dreading the Christmas Toy Catalogs

There is nothing that instills more joy in my children's hearts and more suppressed irritation in mine than the Christmas Toy Catalogs. Well, nothing except Adventure Time but that's only because I'm not quite certain it's for kids and I'm not quite certain one is supposed to watch it sober. Still, right at the top of the list is the Christmas Toy Catalogs.

They come in the mail November 1 with their thick, glossy covers and their pages filled with every toy imaginable.

The Lego section alone is longer than the Declaration of Independence.

There are toys to educate, toys to excite. There are toys with music and lights. Every single movie, every single television show, and every single singer is represented.

While scouring the toy catalog is a classic childhood memory, once they begin circling items with their color coded markers, I begin to chew my lip. I fret that I'm teaching them materialism. I worry they don't understand the reason for the season. I want to caution restraint and then think of my own Amazon wish list filled with the affordable, the unnecessary, and the ridiculous. I shove aside my concerns and bit my tongue on "don't be greedy".

They're not being greedy, they're dreaming.

They know they won't get everything on their wish list. They know Santa only brings one age appropriate toy. They know their father and I prefer experiences to items. Still, I can almost hear their brains clicking, wouldn't it be cool?

It's the same thought I have when I re-decorate my living room on Pinterest for the fifteenth time this year.

How do you feel about Christmas Toy Catalogs?