The Season of Giving and How My Kids Surprised Me and Made Me Proud this Holiday

"What do you want for Christmas?" I asked Joseph over breakfast. Elizabeth sat across from him, swinging her legs and trying very hard not to interrupt with more items for her list. I'd stopped her when she'd started getting silly, asking for a ham wearing sunglasses.

Joseph thought for a moment while chewing the pancakes that are our traditional weekend breakfasts. "I want a ladybug playground," he started mentioning the terrarium where kids can raise real lady bugs, "but that's from Santa. From everyone else, I want the Minecraft LEGO village and nether."

"Okay," I said, making a mental note. "What else?"

"That's it," he said, resuming his work on the pile of pancakes on his plate.

"That's it?" While I internally applauded his short list for my sake, I knew his grandparents needed a little more to it.


"There's nothing else you want?"

"Well, one more thing," he said, picking up his milk.

"Perfect. What's that?"

"It's not really for me, but for the whole world."

"Oh?" He had me curious now.

"Yeah. I want people to donate food and warm clothes to other kids."

And with that statement, casually thrown out there with the smell of banana pancakes, this mama's heart melted to the consistency of maple syrup and hot butter. "Really?"

"Yep," he said as if he hadn't just rendered me a puddle of love.

"That can be arranged," I told him with a smile. Within hours, we made a video and posted it to my Facebook page asking friends and family to help Joseph out with his last item. The response, so far, has been overwhelming and exciting.

How will you share this season of giving?