surprisedNational media has been all over the story of a strange hospital mixup in Houston, Texas that resulted in the firing of one nurse and a review of hospital policies. One-day-old baby Melanie Escobedo was handed off and breastfed by wrong mother in Oak Bend Hospital. 

Melanie's mother, Julie Escobedo was expecting her own daughter when she was given a stranger's child at feeding time. Mrs. Escobedo immediately noticed the mistake and demanded her own child, Melanie. When staff investigated the issue, they concluded that Melanie had been given to another mother, who didn't notice the mistake, and promptly nursed her for two hours before the baby switch came to light. 

Melanie's father, Aaron Powell, was deeply frustrated and unhappy that his child had been nursed by the wrong mother—and astonished that the woman didn't even realize that she was feeding somebody else's baby.

After confirming that the incident actually did take place, Oak Bend Hospital apologized to all of the parties involved in the incident; the internal investigation resulted in dismissal of the nurse who was found to be primarily responsible for the mixup.

Luckily, the mistake was caught and no one went home with the wrong baby!