8 Times Moms Should Trust Their Instincts

Ugh, another Hollywood scandal. This time, 31-year old actor Michael Egan III is accusing three Hollywood heavyweights, including X-Men director Brian Singer, of some serious allegations. According to Egan, he was assaulted and abused at Hollywood parties by the accused when he was between the ages of 15 and 17 years old.

Separate and apart of who is guilty or telling the truth, I can’t help but wonder: Why did Egan’s parents let their 15-year-old son attend adult parties with these men? When Egan’s mother, Bonnie Mound, was asked this question at a press-conference, she responded by saying, “They seemed nice.” To me, a grown-up who invites a teenager to party is anything but nice.

As parents, we are constantly forced to assess situations and people. But when it comes to our kids, there are certain times that we have to go with our guts. So when you get “that feeling” in situations like these, trust yourself. That stranger will forgive you for not trusting her, but you’ll never forgive yourself for not listening to your motherly intuition if something happens to your child.

Here, 8 times you should always follow your gut:

1. A grown up wants to hang solo with your kid

Unless that grown-up is family, there’s no reason they need to have a play date with your kid. Grown-ups should have grown-up friends and kids should hang out with kids.

2. Your kid wants to go to an adult event or party alone

There are just some places and parties that kids, even high school-aged kids, aren’t meant to attend. When your kid’s an adult, he can go to adult parties. Until then, it’s child’s play.

3. Someone you barely know wants to drive your kid

Whether it be another teen, another parent, or another childcare provider, unless you know they are a safe and responsible driver, it’s better to drive your kid yourself.

4. He wants to sleep over at a buddy’s house and you don’t know the parents

Your kid may think you’re a total stick in the mud, but why send your kid to sleep at a virtual stranger’s house? Get to know the other family before sending your kiddo over for the night.

5. She wants to hang out at a friend’s house and you don’t like the parents

Let’s face it, being a parent doesn’t mean you like all parents. If you don’t feel comfortable with your kid as her bestie’s house, invite the kids over to your house.

6. You think your kid’s friend is a bad influence

You can’t always control who your kids like. And let’s face it, they’ll choose whomever you don’t like. So if they have a friend who isn’t the best influence, be honest with your kid about making good choices. If that doesn’t work, then restrict their contact.

7. She seems uncomfortable around certain grown-ups, even relatives

As parents, we’re often so worried about making sure our kids are polite (often to total strangers) that we sometimes ignore when our kids aren’t comfortable with certain adults. So if your kid doesn’t seem like herself around certain adults, don’t force the interaction. You don’t like all adults, do you?

8. Your chatty child suddenly clams up. If your kid is prone to being a Chatty Kathy and suddenly she’s not talking, chances are something’s going on. Make sure she knows she can always talk to you, no matter what.

Are there any situations you'd add to this list?