27 Questions: Scary Mommy’s Jill Smokler Fills Us In


You named your blog Scary Mommy because my middle son was going through a phase where he was afraid of everything and called everything “scary.” Scary bed, scary school, scary babysitter… Scary Mommy.

You started it six years ago because I was bored and desperate for a hobby of my own.

A Scary Mommy is a mom who is willing to admit that this job isn’t always easy, can laugh at herself, and never tries to be perfect.

Writing your blog is a piece of cake compared to what it was like to write your books Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies).

Your craziest Mom Blogger experience has been bonding with Uma Thurman during a press junket for her movie Motherhood, only to find out once I came back home that my whole family (self included) had a terrible case of lice. I still cringe when I look at pictures of the two of us head to head and wonder if I was the cause of some mad lice outbreak in Hollywoood.

The strangest thing a reader has ever admitted to you was that she was convinced — seriously convinced — that we were long lost sisters.

The worst thing you’ve ever read on a parenting blog was a step-by-step tutorial for a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

The silliest mistake parents make is comparing themselves to other parents.

All moms should know a great pizza place that delivers.

And they shouldn’t worry about baking birthday cakes from scratch.

Or sweat it when their kid uses a four letter word.

Raising sons is a walk on the beach compared to raising a daughter.

Three kids are more work, more insanity, and more fun than one.

The discipline method you swear by is empty threats.

Raising kids with your college sweetheart is an adventure; sometimes wonderful, sometimes maddening.

Your most embarrassing mom moment has yet to happen. It takes a lot to embarrass me. 

Your most rewarding mom moment so far has been realizing that my kids are pretty freaking awesome despite me.

The thing you hope your kids inherit from you is loyalty.

But you hope your kids never down a bottle of Goldschläger which you did at my junior prom.

Enduring pregnancy three times is like hell on earth.

Your weirdest pregnancy craving was tuna sandwiches on white bread with potato chips in the middle.

The thing you’d tell all pregnant moms is to sleep now.

On Mother’s Day, you really want to be left the hell alone.

The Mother's Day gift you hope you don’t get is overpriced flowers.

All moms need a day off. Or a week.

If you didn’t have kids you’d get a lot more sleep.

You hope to take a nap next.