Carnival NYC-Style: Another First for Mason

Today has been brutal. You know what I'm talking about; it's been the kind of day that deserves to be washed away with a giant glass (or three) of Pinot during happy hour, unless you're 25-weeks-pregnant like me. Then it's all about the ice cream binge I'll enjoy in front of trashy reality TV after my three-year-old goes to bed.

To cope, I spent lunchtime self-medicating with steak tacos and guacamole (do you sense a theme here?) and dreaming about next weekend, specifically the NYC-style carnival that I'm taking my son to on Saturday after soccer practice.

It's a first that I think we'll enjoy together — not unlike our first Easter Egg hunt (18-months-old) and first trip to the beach (three-years-old) — and I'm betting that afterwards we'll have some funny stories to share.

The event that we're going to happens to be taking place in the middle of New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, so there won't be roller coasters, but there will be other fun carnival stuff — you know, face painting, games, and the kind of eats that junk food dreams are made of. (Hello, cotton candy!) There's also a big sale; tons of baby and kid clothes will be $10 and under.

I think I'll feel less guilty stocking up on baby clothes for Mason's baby sister, who is due in August, if I'm doing my shopping while he's enjoying salty, buttery popcorn and balloon animals. 

The details, in case you want to join us: 

Saturday, May 10, from noon to 4 p.m.

Old Navy 610 Avenue of the Americas at 18th Street, 2nd floor

Hope to see you there!

*This post was sponsored by Old Navy