Feeling the Mommy Guilt? Let it Go at This Event on Saturday


In two weeks my family and I are moving to England. Wow, it sounds so definitive when I write it down. It’s really more of a sabbatical — we’re going for one year to be near my in-laws, and plan to return to Brooklyn in time for our three-year-old daughter to start kindergarten next fall. But there’s a lot to do in preparation, and as frazzled as I am, I think it has probably been hardest on my daughter, Trixie. She's moving to a new house and a different country. Changing schools. Leaving all her friends behind. And, oh yeah, getting a little brother or sister (in September). 

So, yes…the Guilty Mom Complex is in full effect. In fact, I’m so prepared for impending regressions that I decided to put the brakes on potty training. Trixie is a daytime-panties gal, often wearing pull-ups at bedtime, but when people told me to “expect regressions with big life changes,” I figured: Why push it if she’s only going to backslide? Do I sound horrible? Well, before you judge, hear what I have in store for the apple of my eye this weekend.

  • Carnival games
  • Face painting
  • Balloon animals
  • Cotton candy
  • And a shopping spree

See, I may be tearing my daughter away from everything she holds dear, but not without a fun-filled afternoon at the Old Navy store in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood for their massive baby sale and carnival-themed event. I'm hoping that if I pack in as many cool “New York” activities over the next two weeks, my daughter will be too pooped to care that we’re leaving. Or, at least she’ll be able to gorge on junk food and help me pick out some cute onesies for her baby brother/sister, and probably score a fab new summer dress for herself.

If you’re a Guilty Mom, too — or even if you’re the awesomest parent ever — you might want to check it out. Sounds like a rockin’ good time!

The deets: Saturday, May 10, from noon to 4 p.m. Old Navy on 610 Avenue of the Americas at 18th Street, 2nd floor

This post was sponsored by Old Navy