Tiny “Little Warrior” Preemie’s Inspiring Fight to Live

For the Kupko Family of York Haven, Pennsylvania, the fighting spirit is a family trait. Jennifer and Gannon Kupko fought the odds to become parents with help from in vitro fertilization, and their baby son Gannon is fighting and winning the struggle to stay alive after being delivered 12 weeks early last December.

The preemie weighed just 13 ounces and measured 10-inches-long at birth, according to a CBS news report. He was so tiny that his dad's wedding ring could slide right up his arm. But from the moment he was born, the baby showed a fighting spirit, vigorously kicking his arms and legs — an encouraging trait in premature babies, according to the hospital staff. Still, the doctors at York Hospital were unable to reassure the parents that their baby would survive and were somewhat surprised when he made it to Christmas. His mom was finally able to give her child his first hug when he was 38-days-old.

Little Gannon's resilience earned him the nickname "Little Warrior" from the hospital staff. By St. Patrick's Day Gannon weighed almost 6 pounds, and he reached another milestone by Easter, weighing in at 7 pounds. In April he was moved to specialized care.

Mom Jennifer quit her job and is learning how to clean and care for her son's trach, the tube through which he still gets oxygen. Once she completes her training, the Kuokos will finally be able to take their new son home.