Kim Kardashian’s Paid Date to Vienna Irked Me


Don't get me wrong here—I actually like (love?) the Kardashian girls. I know everyone thinks they are famous for no reason and for doing nothing, but that is BS. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe work their gorg butts off filming the show and running a successful business empire. I respect them. They hustle. They earned their money.

But, watching "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" this past Sunday kind of irked me. Obviously I was disgusted by the ugly racism throughout the episode, but my real issue was with Kim. So, she was invited to Vienna to attend a Ball with some old rich guy. And the old rich guy paid her to come. So this was like a paid date (but at the time she was with Kanye, so like WTF?). She also had a slew of media obligations to fulfill—again paid.

Her mom, Kris, obv attended and so did beautiful baby North (soooo cute, love her!). I give Kim props for taking North along and not leaving her with an A-list nanny, but I guess my question is … Why did she even go? She doesn't need the money. Or the fame. It just seemed like such an extreme and quick trip to take baby North on.

And Kim's a mom now, so it's time to reel in the obligations and focus on priorities: Like, I dunno pushing your kid on a swing in the park, going to music class, taking lazy strolls. And, hey, I'm sure she does this and it's not glam enough to make it on the show. Or they don't want North on the show (I respect that). 

When I became a mom I had to reel so much in. I'm not a reality star and I don't have gazillions of dollars, so I had to decline Bachelorette weekends in Aruba and Las Vegas, boozy, endless brunches in NYC, and sushi dinners that start at 9 pm. Of course I make time for dating, friends, and myself, but I always weigh everything out before I commit. Is it worth it? Do I really need to party in NYC at a bottle service table and then sleep on my friend's couch? Nah. Do I deserve a sweet date night in my neck of the woods? Def. Is it fun for Jack to sit still, well-behaved at a posh cafe while my adult friends and I eat overpriced eggs and talk about ObamaCare and JLAW and other grownup stuff? I mean, no. I'd rather eat bagels in the park with him and kick the soccer ball around. 

I'm def confused why Kim agreed to attend this Ball, kid-in-tow. She couldn't have predicted that it would be the trip from hell (yikes and it was!), but I just don't understand what motivated her to go. The money? She doesn't need any more money. OK! She does not. The glam event? Please she had a weekend wedding in France AND Italy and can travel anywhere, anytime.

Mom-to-mom, Kim, and remember, I actually adore you: Reel it in and take in all these sweet baby-licious moments. You're not gonna look back and think, Remember when North flew first class to Vienna and some psycho lady called her a "black baby" and smile. I bet you'll remember and smile and laugh at the expression on her sweet face when she tried mushy peas for the first time. Let her be a baby. 

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