Get The Best Eggs On The Block

Easter is just around the corner and today we’ve got half a dozen ideas for taking this year’s eggs up a notch.  

First up is the surprise egg, done two ways.  Which do you prefer – the secret message or the party?

This classic 2010 post from Not Martha may very well be what started the surprise egg trend.  Not only does she have lots of great ideas for filling, she’s also got the secret to getting wonderfully vivid hues when dying your eggs. 

And if you’d prefer to go au naturel, see this post on using food products to achieve a whole host of tints.

Finally, to really up the creativity ante, think outside the monotone dye method for coloring.  You could go modern like these neon dip-dyed eggs or ultra traditional with silhouette eggs.

With all these choices, how will you be doing your eggs this year?