5 Ways To Have Fun With Bubbles

There is more to do with bubbles then to simply blow them.

From painting with them to playing games with them, bubbles can provide tons of fun for children of all ages. While you can purchase bubble solution at the store, you can also make your own by combining 1 part Dawn Detergent, 10 parts water and .25 glycerin (optional). Once you’ve got your bubble solution ready, here’s five activities you should try to do:


1. Get in a bubble.

Fill a kiddie pool a few inches deep with bubble solution. Have your child stand in the middle with his hands by his side. Place a hula hoop over his head and dip it into the bubble solution.  Gently lift the hoop up towards his head, using it as a wand to incase your child in a giant bubble.


2. Paint with bubbles.

Add a teaspoon of tempera paint to a cup of bubble solution and gently stir it. Have your child blow bubbles onto a piece of paper (you can use an easel to hold the paper if you have one). As the bubbles burst, they’ll leave a colorful impression on the paper.


3. Beat some bubbles.

Add equal amounts of bubble solution to two same sized buckets. Give each child an egg beater to mix the solution with and have a contest to see who can fill their bucket with foam the fastest. The person who fills his bucket with foam first is the winner!


4.  Blow some different bubbles.

Spatulas with holes, rubber bands, strainers, fly swatters, cookie cutters and a variety of other household items will make great bubble wands. Let your children experiment to see what makes the biggest and most interesting bubbles.


5. Catch some bubbles.

Blow bubbles for your children and encourage them to catch as many as they can. Have them try to catch bubbles with both wet and dry hands and see if it makes any difference.