6 Activity Gifts To Make Your Teen Think You Are Cool

The holidays are just around the corner and if you have a teenager the challenge of shopping for them is just beginning. What is in one moment is out the next.

You run the risk of your teen thinking you are out of touch if you get the wrong gift.

What if you could give your teen a gift that turned their thinking upside down? Shake them out of their teenage angst with one of our 6 activity oriented gift ideas. Believe me; your teen will think you are the coolest parent on the block.

1. Justin Bieber VIP Pack:

Surprise your teen with an exclusive VIP sneak preview of the new Justin Bieber movie complete with schwag to commemorate the experience. As an added bonus, you don’t have to wait in line for the movie.

2. Surf Camp:

With the winter chill nipping at your nose why not hang ten in the sun and head to surf camp with your teen. Before you know it they’ll see you as the one who introduced them to surfing.  As an added bonus, while the rest of the block is freezing you are at the beach. Shopping Tip: There are multiple companies that offer surf classes across the country.

3. Air Hockey Table:

Get their competitive juices flowing with a full size air hockey table. Your house is sure to be the go to hang out spot when their friends here about this. As an added bonus, you will know where they are.

4. Ultimate Ski Trip:

Take your teen skiing over the holiday break and bask in the glory as they return to school and tell their friends about their awesome adventure. As an added bonus, come on, you get to go skiing. Shopping Tip: Try a smaller ski slope for better deals on lift tickets and ski rentals.

5. IPhone 4:

Has your teen been pestering you for a new phone, or their first phone? Why not really surprise them and get an IPhone 4. With the built in camera they can video all the fun they have with your gifts. As an added bonus, you can get a hold of them whenever you want.

6. A Concert Experience:

Remember your first concert? Give your teen that memory and let them pick the band they have been dying to see. Chauffer them to and from the venue, just be sure not to yell “don’t do drugs” as they walk away from the car. As an added bonus, you don’t have to listen to whatever band they are going to see. Shopping Tip: Don’t wait till the last minute, plan ahead to get the best deals on concert tickets.