Family Friendly Finds From Around The Web

It's Tuesday, so here's your list of the best stuff popping up around the web:

1. Things like cost and availability may mean it's not always possible to buy organic produce.  Luckily, there's this handy reference list of the 15 lowest pesticide produce items in the supermarket – just what we need for snacking on fruit during hot summer days.

2.  Want to make this summer one for the books?  No problem.  Just do a little a prep work now with the help of this post on how to get organized for an intentional summer.

3. Soon enjoying the summer sun will be even easier, thanks to new FDA sunscreen regulations aiming to make choosing the right protection more simple.

4. Looking for more kid art project inspiration?  Did you know you could make pictures with polymer clay?  This polymer clay tree is beautiful and the two step process will get you not one, but two, days of fun with the kids.

5. Here's one more kid craft: DIY kaleidoscopes.  This is a no-mess project to do indoors and play with outside.