An Open Letter to New Moms: Ease Up.

Two kids deep into this parenting gig and I find myself approaching this Mother's Day a little stronger, A LOT wiser, and definitely more sleep-deprived than I ever thought humanly possible. Watch this adorable video from Fisher Price: I did, and it made me smile and cry simultaneously. I remember what it's like to be a brand new mommy. Wow.

Watching the video definitely brought back memories of those wonderfully foggy moments during the first few weeks of being a new parent. I was sure I’d never sleep again and I spent a lot of time in utter disbelief that I was now the mama of this amazingly beautiful being. I couldn’t understand how someone could actually be responsible for keeping another human alive on 2 hours of sleep!

Everyone seems to give you those unsolicited pearls of wisdom when you become a parent. I tried very hard to “enjoy every fleeting moment” because it “goes by so fast." Time does fly by. And it doesn’t. And it does. There are some days that you wish you could freeze-frame your life and just stay in the moment forever, and there are others when you have the kids bathed and in their PJs at 6 PM because bedtime can’t come soon enough! And you know what?

It’s OK.

If there is anything I’ve learned during my years spent as a mama is that you should allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling. I spent a lot of my first years as a mama trying to do everything perfectly, obsessing over every single thing from the laundry detergent I used to the fibers in the clothing I dressed them in. I set this extremely high bar for myself as if motherhood was something to be mastered. I definitely got lost in these insignificant, minute details because, well, it’s all so overwhelming and there is a lot to absorb.

As time went on I realized that my obsessing over being the “perfect mom” was robbing me of the true joy of motherhood. Yes, I was a mother who desperately wanted to give my kids the best life possible but I would often forget I was first and foremost a human being with flaws and all.

The more I eased up on myself, the more joy I found in being a mom.

Freedom from the oppressing details allowed me to really enjoy my kids.  There really is no such thing as the perfect mom because we are all perfectly imperfect. Having the best intentions with everything we do is all that really matters. Allowing ourselves to admit that we don’t have it all down is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves. Sometimes the dishes can wait, sometimes the TV is the perfect babysitter, sometimes dessert before dinner is the answer, sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll cry, and you know, what? It’s all OK.


Being a parent is hard, and it’s wonderful, and it’s scary, and it’s intense. It’s filled with ups and downs and sideways loop-de-loops. It will humble you and bring you to your knees. But one thing is for sure:

…you’ll never know a more fierce love.

My wish for all you mamas on this Mother’s Day is that you take a moment to celebrate yourself and all that you’ve experienced. Applaud yourself for your accomplishments and your mistakes. Because in the end, they are all a part of learning and growing as a mother and as a woman.

You are strong and amazing and beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!

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