Twins Born in Different Years Make the News

Twins born in different yearsParenting twins presents its own unique challenges: from the double diaper duty to making an effort to help each child establish their own identity apart from forever being one-half of a pair. For two families, their twins' unusual birth circumstances make that challenge a little bit easier.

It's not that uncommon for twins to have different birthdays, depending on how close to the stroke of midnight they are delivered. But this year, miles apart in Washington D.C. and in a suburb of Toronto, Canada, two sets of twins joined their families in different years! The story made interesting news on television broadcasts and digital media.

In Washington D.C., Yaleni Bezago delivered a healthy baby girl Lorraine at 11:58pm on New Year's Eve 2013. Baby brother Brandon made his appearance almost four minutes later, arriving at 12:02am on January 1, 2014.

The identical twin girls born in Canada were delivered a mere eight minutes apart, with Gabriella arriving at 11:52pm on December 31 and her sister Sophia following just a minute after midnight on January 1. It was a rare case of the mother, Lindsey Salgueiro, delivering the country's last baby of 2013 and following that up by delivering Canada's first baby of 2014.

Such unusual circumstances will give the parents and these children an interesting story to tell throughout their lives, and the twins will  be able to enjoy a birthday in their respective families that doesn't have to be shared with their sibling.