Ideas For Summer Days Out With Your Baby

If you’re lucky enough to have some time away from work this Summer, you might be looking for ideas for days out. 

There is plenty to do wherever you are in the UK.  These ideas are aimed at babies under one, but they’re enjoyable for any age.

Some people think young babies don’t get a lot out of day trips, but they really do.  They love a change of scenery, and exploring new places and seeing new things.  When choosing days out, consider places that will give your baby something interesting to look at and focus on.

Babies love animals so a trip to a zoo is a brilliant day out idea.  If you search the internet before you go, you can sometimes find 2 for 1 and discounted tickets by booking in advance, so it’s always worth checking as some zoos are quite expensive.  A cheaper alternative is a farm, if there is one near you as children love seeing the animals up close.  We recently visited a farm with our five month old, not expecting her to react all that much, and I was amazed how interested she was in watching all the animals.

Babies love bright colours and many stately homes have gardens, with beautiful flowers, that you can spend an afternoon in with your baby.  You can often pay a reduced rate for access to the gardens only.

Watching fish swimming in an aquarium is fascinating for babies.  The colours and lights will really catch their attention and they will enjoy seeing the fish moving around before their eyes.  There are aquariums all over the UK, and there are often discount vouchers available for national chains like the Sealife Centre.

There are soft play centres up and down the country, and these are great places for little ones to explore.  Many have sensory areas which are suitable from birth so check out what’s in your local area.  

A great tip for days out is that carrying your baby in a sling or carrier is a great way to see lots of things.  Your baby can’t see much from her buggy, but in a sling she can see what you see, so if you have one, you could either take it instead of a buggy or in addition as it’s great for getting to places a buggy can’t access.  Please remember that it’s best for babies to face their parents in slings so they can turn away if they become overstimulated.  

Don’t forget to check out your local children’s centres as many have special outdoor activities during the Summer months, and your local library is always a fun place to visit if the weather’s not so great.

Remember that days out don’t have to be expensive; a simple picnic in the park is a fun way to spend time with your baby.  Even if it doesn’t seem exciting to you, your baby will be learning a lot and taking in all the colours and sounds around her.