Is it Ever OK to Trick Your Husband Into Trying to Conceive?

trick into TTCSince my miscarriage last August, I've gone baby crazy.  I'm jealous of pregnant women. I shamelessly admire random babies on the street. And I obsess about when the right time is to TTC our next baby like it's my job.

My husband is over it. He hates the idea of TTC. When we decided to get pregnant the first time around, I bought ovulation kits and became a drill sergeant about when we needed to have sex. Three months of this and nothing happened. We took a break from TTC over the holidays and immediately got pregnant. Our second pregnancy was a surprise (and then it ended 10 weeks later).

Based on our history, Chris is urging me to relax and see what happens. He doesn't want to TTC but he doesn't want to try not to conceive either. The problem with that, of course, is that I'm a complete control freak. And at 36, I feel like the clock is ticking very loudly. There's no time to relax! So it's tempting to take the advice of a few of my friends who got pregnant sort of on the sly….

Before you judge, the facts: In both cases the couples had agreed that they wanted chidren. But when it came to the actual timing their husbands were in the dark. My friends worried that their guys would get performance anxiety if they actually told them that they were TTC….so they just didn't mention it when they flushed their birth control. Now they each have two healthy kids.

Maybe they're onto something? Is TMI a mistake when you're TTC? What was your TTC trick?