New Test Reveals Whether You are at Risk for Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy, a potentially life-threatening condition for Mom and Baby), has been a serious medical issue that has plagued many a preggo, and there has never been a way to forecast whether a woman would be at risk for this condition—until now.

Researchers in the UK at The University of Manchester and Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust found that screening a pregnant woman’s urine can reveal whether she is at risk for preeclampsia. An at-risk woman will have specific proteins present in her urine at 15 weeks of pregnancy (before any symptoms of the disease are present) that indicate she will likely develop the disease.

What’s the takeaway? Ask your doctor if you can be screened for preeclampsia early in your pregnancy so you can be armed with information about your health and take preemptive measures.