Baby Clubs: Free Vouchers And Other Goodies

The loyalty of a new mum is a gold mine both to stores and to manufacturers of baby items, from nappies to baby oils. 

By offering free samples and advice, companies can begin a valuable relationship with mothers, so it’s in their interests to do so and that’s why there are a multitude of baby clubs just waiting for you to join them so they can give you free items.  You may or may not agree with this type of marketing, but there’s no reason why you can’t just pocket the freebies and take your custom elsewhere if you feel that way, or try the product and decide for yourself.  I’ll look at some of the most popular baby clubs and what they offer here.

Pregnancy Clubs

The main pregnancy clubs are Bounty  and Emma’s Diary , both of which provide packs during pregnancy stages and also early babyhood.  The packs mainly contain leaflets and samples of products such as baby wipes.  In most hospitals you are given another Bounty pack when your baby is born containing more freebies such as a towel and some snacks.  You will usually receive your first Bounty pack and Emma’s Diary book from your midwife.  

Boots Parenting Club

Joining this is a no brainer as it’s one of the best clubs out there.  You receive ten Advantage Card points instead of four for all baby and maternity items, effectively saving you 10%.  They also regularly send vouchers for money off various useful items and run in store offers for club members.  When you join you also receive a free changing bag (when you buy a pack of Pampers), which is actually a fairly decent one and I still use it as my day to day bag.

Supermarket Baby Clubs

Tesco , Asda and Sainsbury’s have baby and toddler clubs, all of which are free to join.  You will receive magazines, vouchers, free gifts and other goodies so it’s worth joining these clubs, especially for shops you use on a regular basis anyway.  

Huggies Club

You can get various money off coupons, such as £2 off a pack of nappies, when you join.  

Pampers Club

Provides special offers and access to a variety of information and articles.  If you are pregnant and join before your third trimester they will send a new baby pack to you in the post around your 32nd week of pregnancy.

Cow & Gate and Aptamil

Both of these companies provide cuddly toys; a cow from Cow & Gate and a polar bear from Aptamil.  They also send regular information as your baby grows.


Hipp Organic offer advice and samples, sometimes including freebies such as weaning spoons and bibs.  Heinz provide regular packs including product samples and vouchers, as well as weaning guides.  Cow & Gate (details above) also provide weaning advice and vouchers if you’re in their club.

Finally, a word of warning

You rarely get something for nothing and in the case of baby clubs, in exchange for freebies, you are usually asked for your contact information.  Be sure to read the small print and tick (or don’t tick) the relevant boxes if you don’t wish your information to be shared with third parties or you may find yourself swamped with calls trying to sell you anything from life insurance to solar panels!