Get Your Irish On This St. Patricks day

With Valentine’s Day having come and gone, it’s time to look towards the next holiday:  St. Patrick’s Day

I know this isn’t a big one for some, but I’m half Irish so I’ve always had fun with it.  (Arguably more fun in college than I do these days but I’m trying!)  Here are a few fun picks to get you in the spirit:

For Your Kids:

We love to do St. Patrick’s Day Crafts I shop at Michael’s Craft Store for fun stickers and foam pages we can decorate.  My boys love it.  If you don’t have a Michael’s, definitely look to your local craft store for some fun activities to do with your kids.

For Mom:

Every year, I get myself a fun new St. Patrick’s Day themed tee from Target.  They’re affordable and a fun way to get in the mood for the month of March! This Kiss Me green tee is only $9.99 at a really cute and fun way to get into the spirit.  You also get free shipping when you spend $75+ on (not hard to do at Target!)

For Baby: sells a Personalized First St. Patrick’s Day Baby Bib for $11.94.  Isn’t it cute?  You can have it shipped for free to your local Walmart.

I also love this St. Patrick’s Day Classic Personalized Melamine Plate from Rosenberry Rooms for $34.00.  This is a special keepsake your child can have forever!

For Dad:

My husband would just love this Guinness Shamrock Beer Opener baseball cap. The bottle opener is right on the lid of the cap! Love the distressed look and the green/cream colors on the hat.  And of course there are plenty of Dads who love Guinness and would love to wear the local on their baseball cap.