Boys Gift Guide-The Robots Are Coming

Why is humanity so fascinated with robots? The idea of the artificial objects that seem to mimic living creatures scares and excites us at the same time. Robots are everywhere we look, and we can’t get enough of this amazing array of friendly, cute mechanisms.

We are not going to venture into the aggressive, menacing machines- turned –against- their creators’ territory for the obvious reasons, because we like them cute and let’s keep it this way.

David Kirk Robot Stacker $14.99

Creative toddlers get to build their own robots with the Colorful 10" Robot Block Toy, designed by David Kirk, creator of the Miss Spider book series. Each piece has a different body part on each side and makes funny faces to match any mood!

Little Korboose Robot Dolls and Pillow – $10-$25

They might be robots but they have feelings and hearts. Your little one will fall in love with this goofy smiley face, not to mention these robots’ outstanding cuddling capabilities. Available in doll and pillow sizes.


If your son falls asleep with an army of toys in his bed, you’d better make sure they are soft enough to roll over in the middle of the night. So, how about the favorite robot figurines? No problem! Jason Hilbourne’s Bunk Bots are soft and squishy and each comes with a brilliantly illustrated, entertaining book written by roboticist Daniel Wilson about the coming apocalypse. Otto the Bunk Bot (left) comes with How to Build A Robot Army and Ninja Servo (right) comes with How to Survive a Robot Uprising.

Planet Tin Robot $21.99

Warning! Once he gets his first cool retro tin robot, he will go into a crazy collector mode. This retro-riffic Planet Robot Toy is a reproduction of a 1950’s model that was the precursor to the memorable robot on the 1960’s TV show, “Lost in Space.” Wind up this robot to watch his famous “sparks” fly inside his face mask and hear him rambling.

BITZ’ KIDS NYC Robot T-Shirt $23

Let him wear his obsession with the tin robots proudly on his chest. You got him his first tin robot, remember? We warned you…

Calabot Do-It-Yourself Cardboard Robot $32.99

Need a great family project? Here comes Calabot! This recycled and recyclable robot stands over two feet tall, and requires no scissors or glue to assemble–just a little parental assistance. Then, let your imagination fly and decorate it with everything you can find in your craft box. And it’s sturdy enough to survive the invasion of the mean aliens from Planet X145UZ and take on an army of evil robots who turned against humans.