Etsy Picks: Break Her Heart Without the Heartbreak

Give her, or yourself, the gift of a broken heart (this one won't hurt, we promise)! Check out this magnetic ceramic and felt necklace from Etsy seller Studio Kahn, a piece of jewelry that requires you to break the heart before wearing it.

Studio Kahn is a design duo from Jerusalem, Israel, who have won design competitions for their fresh design concepts in jewelry and housewares. The magnetic heart necklace is part of the prize-winning series Fragile, a collection of objects that must be "broken" to be found usable.

Heart 2

Simply snap the necklace in the middle, and the delicate chain begins to pour out, ready to wrap around your neck. Fix that broken heart to keep it in place when worn — a great compromise for a broken heart.

The necklace comes with the option of red, grey, or cream felt in the middle, in a gold or silver chain. It's not only a great piece of jewelry, but also a fun piece of participatory art — break it to acquire proper functionality! You get to complete the design and sport the beauty.

You can purchase your own magnetic heart necklace on the Studio Kahn Etsy shop for $86, shipping included.