All That Glitters For Fall Is GoldYou know that warm, sunset glow that the end of a fall day brings? Well, this season you get to WEAR IT.  Let’s talk gold!

Gold as a metal and as a color is really having a moment right now and there are easy ways to incorporate this gorgeous trend into your wardrobe without looking like you’ve been dipped in lame or just come back from Vegas.

It’s no secret I worship at the altar of Michael Kors, and his warm toned sweater coupled with his new bold jewelry line stacked up with abandon in the picture above is sitting squarely in the middle of my inspiration board for fall.  But it doesn’t have to be about a bold statement.  The gold elbow patches on a simple grey sweater from Zadig & Voltaire are elegant and make a statement without screaming I’M ON TREND WITH GOLD. 

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All That Glitters For Fall Is Gold

Accessories are a great place to add a pop of gold without being too flashy.  This Tory Burch Reva Clutch easily goes from day to night and a pair of soft gold Zara ballerina flats keeps your errands stylish as well.  Pro-Tip: Keep these two things around for next spring when gold continues to shine as a trend. 

  All That Glitters For Fall Is Gold

And let’s not forget the jewelry – with Butter London West End Wonderland gold nail polish on your fingers, those count as jewelry, too!  This Kate Spade Highline necklace is all you need to take an outfit from “ho hum” to “hot damn!”  Do with jeans and a white t-shirt.  Your grocery run never looked so good.

  All That Glitters For Fall Is Gold


Don’t think you can wear gold makeup? Think again. Print out this picture or save it to your phone, take it with you to your favorite makeup counter and tell them, “THIS. I want THIS.”  The warmth of pink and gold are soft and illuminating and natural.  This picture came from Valentino’s runway show for Fall 2011 – and Mr. Valentino is never wrong. 

It’s a new season – add a little sparkly and sultry to it.  You don’t have to roll in glitter to sparkle — have some fun and capture some fall sun. Your glow will be infectious.