Unleash Your Nail Creativity

There are a lot of beauty ideas that require COMMITMENT. Hair color. Waxing. Various tattoo options.

This can be overwhelming, expensive and, uh, permanent. 

Nails and nail art does not need to fall into any of those categories. It’s FUN. And spring is all about that, right?

Sally Hansen has released a line of polish strips that are adorable, elegant, kitschy and flirty. You can apply on hands or feet, one nail or ten. Best part? NO DRYING TIME.

I may love that part best.

Application instructions are included with each package and are very easy to understand.  You get all the tools you need including the strips, a cuticle stick and a mini file. After selecting the correct size strip for each nail, peel off the protective film, detach the polish strip from the backing, press on to the nail and file off the excess.  Done!

And it works for any shape nail as well. GENIUS.

Have a little fun – try a pinky or all ten. A big toe for that poolside party. A full set with your tween – and it’s an at home girl party!

Available at local grocery stores, Target and drugstores, – or snag them online.