To Praise Kids or Not to Praise?

In my son’s classroom, the teacher praised a child’s perfect o’s. “Good job, Sienna.” At Little League, the coach told the boy who caught the ball, “Good job, Timothy.”


Simple Solution: Earth Day, Lights, and Black Balloons

Sometimes, I see that every light in the house is on. I remind my son to turn them off as that’s a waste of electricity. With Earth Day coming up, I thought that turning off unused lights would be a reasonable target.

Cleaning & Organization

Simple Solution: Spring Cleaning A B C’s

Spring is here. If your weather is like mine in the foothills of Northern California and you have been inundated by snow, you might not be feeling it yet. But your house and closets are in need of that spring-cleaning attention regardless of the weather. And it’s as easy as A B C.


Simple Solution: Reading Resistance

How is the announcement, “Time to read,” met in your household? It might be met with the disappearance of your child as they cuddle in a corner of their room to read all afternoon.


Brainy Brownies

If your kids aren't crazy about eating vegetables, here's a simple solution for getting the two of them together with some delicious brownies that might surprise you.!


Suessian Moments With Justin Bieber

Dr. Seuss is part of this culture.  Kids love his whimsy and his funny bend of language. Justin Bieber is part of our culture too, kids love his hair.


The Meaning Of Valentines Day

I ask my eight-year old what he knows about Valentine’s Day. His first response is, “It’s about telling people how much they mean to you.”  Good answer.


Helping Children Succeed In School

Parents want their children to do well in school. You may already implement early bedtimes, assist with homework, limit sugar in lunches, and discuss on-going updates with their teacher.