Make a Set of Squishy DIY Stress Balls for Sensory Play

Whether you notice your kids feeling a little anxious or you simply want to try a new sensory activity, a simple stress ball could do the trick. Even better though, kids can help make their own squishy stress balls using balloons! Since I always take the “why buy when you can DIY?” approach, why not […]


8 Tips For Parents Struggling With Anxiety

One of my biggest struggles as a mother is managing my own anxiety. It’s like this huge, invisible monster that hangs out in our house, waiting for the crescendo of my children’s screams to hit just the right pitch before swooping in and swallowing me whole. I’ve always been an anxious person — a nail-biter, […]

Tips and Tricks

6 Ways To Help Your Child With Back-To-School Anxiety

Does your kid have back-to-school jitters? The start of a new school year after a summer break is full of school supplies, paperwork, and new lunch ideas. But with all the frenzy of back-to-school preparation, we as moms might forget that our children are having some anxiety about starting a new classroom, with new peers—they […]