Simplify Your Mornings: 1-Cup Apple Pancakes Recipe

This is the kind of pancakes recipe just made for busy weekday mornings. Pancakes are always a hit at our place and this recipe has the added flavour of apples and maple syrup built right in. In fact, they taste so good that they also make the perfect afternoon snack for hungry kids (and their […]


Apple Muffins with Streusel Topping

We absolutely love apple recipes and we love muffins, so apple muffins are extra special! A great seasonal snack, whip up a batch with this easy recipe and serve for breakfast, or pack one in your kids' lunchbox.


Upside-Down Apple Muffins Recipe

Lightly sauteed apple slices baked under a moist, spiced, whole-grain muffin makes a delicious on-the-go breakfast or a wholesome snack. These Upside Down Apple Muffins also provide a naturally sweet dessert option for kids who will love these nutritious muffins. Bake up this simple recipe today!


Apple Pie Dip Toddler Food Recipe

Nutritious snacking is an important part of a maintaining a healthy relationship with food, and instilling healthy eating habits in your children early—during toddlerhood—is important. Although you may want your toddler to avoid sweets altogether, that's almost impossible, so control sugar consumption by preparing nutritious sweet snacks at home for your little ones, without preservatives […]