When Your Child With Autism Starts School

Enrolling your autistic child in school is so much different than your general education kiddo. You’ll enter a whole new world of teachers, therapist and acronyms. When my daughter started school I felt like I had just entered a foreign county. There were new people and all kinds of terms I had never heard before. […]


Everything You Need to Know about PANDAS Syndrome

  Strep throat is a normal part of childhood and while it causes discomfort, the symptoms usually clear up after the first few doses of antibiotics. But for a small number of children, the infection triggers unusual behavior changes known as PANDAS syndrome: Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections. When a child has strep […]


We Give CBD Oil to Our Daughter And Here’s Why

Long before my daughter’s autism diagnosis we struggled with her moods. Her tantrums were far more severe than the typical toddler. Her everyday frustrations led to banging her head on the walls. And saying no to any request could result in the requested item being launched across the room. Knowing she would grow bigger, stronger […]