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How Babies Chew Without Teeth

Our sense of reason and logic leads us to believe that babies cannot possibly begin to eat foods that are not pureed until they have teeth. Toss this faulty logic and reason aside because in reality, babies do not need teeth to be able to enjoy "table foods" or finger foods. It is logical to […]

Starting Solids

How to Make Cherry Baby Food

When looking for super-foods for your baby, you can judge a fruit by its color; deep dark colored fruits and veggies have a lot to offer. The vibrant color of cherries lets you know that these little beauties are packed with an antioxidant, free radical fighting, anti-inflammatory bioflavonoid phytochemical known as anthocyanin. Wow! This anthocyanin […]


Making Homemade Baby Food

Many parents are afraid to make their own baby food, because they believe that they cannot make it the right texture, but don't let that deter you because texture is usually not a problem.