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6 Ways To Help Your Child With Back-To-School Anxiety

Does your kid have back-to-school jitters? The start of a new school year after a summer break is full of school supplies, paperwork, and new lunch ideas. But with all the frenzy of back-to-school preparation, we as moms might forget that our children are having some anxiety about starting a new classroom, with new peers—they […]


8 Ways to Cope with School Separation Anxiety

Going back to school can be tough on kids. I remember my first day of kindergarten and what it was like to walk into the classroom for the first time. I was full of excitement, ready for the adventure, then as I was heading through the door, I heard the cries. Another student was hysterical […]


Fun Animal Backpacks for Kids

School is starting up again all over the country, and the best accessory to start the year off is always a new backpack. Kids love to show off their new digs, full of stories from their summer adventures. Check out these cute backpacks from Bottoms Up 4 Kids, a mom-tested and kid-approved solution to the […]