Race Car First Birthday Cake Recipe

Is it almost Baby's first birthday? If you have a first birthday party coming up, we have a sweet cake for a one-year old you should bake for your little one and your guests. This recipe is simple (even for cake-decorating novices) and yields impressive results. This delightful dessert is the perfect end to your […]


Kids Gone Wild

“I’m sorry, Mama, but my friends are a little bit like wild animals,” Joseph said sweetly as I tucked him into bed. I smiled at him, pretending my hair wasn’t standing on end and my makeup wasn’t smeared by a combination of dust and sweat.


Birthday Party Overload

I sat at the table and explained my plans for Joseph’s birthday party to a childless friend. Her eyes widened. She smiled a bit and said, “When I was a kid it was usually just me, my family, one or two friends, three or four balloons, a couple streamers, and a cake.”


DIY: Party Hats

Bright party hats are a really festive touch for a party, but paper ones seem to always gets torn and immediately thrown away. Why not make a party hat made of fabric to last through more than one birthday?