This Is What I Want Out Of A Momcation

Last week I took a plane to a big city I had never been to for a super exciting work trip. When I arrived at my destination, I had hours until I had to do the work thing; if you can call hanging out with other mother writers and getting pampered work. I was talking […]


Five Tips for Car Sick Kids

In this crazy, mixed up world, I find comforts in constant truths. And if there's one truth I can count on no matter what, that truth is: When on a road trip, one of my kids is going to throw up. Oddly enough, this is not a truth in which I find comfort. It started […]

Your Pregnancy

Oh God! Did That Really Happen?!

On Friday morning my school gathers for a flag ceremony and most of the parents stay after drop off to participate. As my stomach has grown, it’s not unusual to have parents come up to me and want to chat about my pregnancy. As many of you moms-to-be already know, stomach touching goes with the […]