How to Find Time to Connect at Christmas

I have no idea where this year went to but here we are – it’s late November and Christmas preparations have officially begun. My list of to-dos is growing at an almighty rate and my diary is filling up with highlighted events not to be missed – school activities, drama rehearsals, dance concerts and neighborhood […]


Mother Daughter Day

Being the mom of more than one child, I resolved early on to make time for each of them individually. In my dream scenario, I imagined once a month “date days” where I’d spend an afternoon or evening or a full day with them on an individual basis. Of course, divorce has a tricky way […]


Twin Time

More than anything, Elizabeth wants us to be twins. She wants me to wear a purple tutu, pink tee shirt, and a sparkly crown. She wants me to join her in her red cowboy boots and heart patterned tights.


Girl Time

Last Friday, I didn’t work. With my last day at my old job on Thursday and the first day of my new job on Monday, I found myself, for a single day, unemployed.