Your Perfect Workout

What does your perfect workout mean? Is it a stroll in the park, taking a fitness class, a rigorous hour of tennis, or using the Stairmaster during your favorite TV show?

Your Health

Healthy Lifestyle: We Are What We . . .

Many of us have heard the saying “we are what we eat”. Basically this means that if our diets are made up of fast food, takeout, foods high in sugar, fat and calories, we can’t really be surprised if our body doesn’t look or feel it’s best. Well, not only are we what we eat, but […]

Your Health

Hey Mom….Lighten Up!

If you’re like most moms today, you’re struggling to find the balance between work, family and self. You’re taking care of the needs of everyone else, leaving you little time, energy or motivation for your own self-care.

Children's Health

How Your Diet Affects Your Daughter

As moms, we often try to instill our beliefs and standards onto our children, with our goal being to ensure that our children learn from the benefit of our knowledge and experience so that they can create enriching, rewarding lives for themselves. So why is it then that one of the most significant messages moms […]


Overfed and Undernourished

With 24/7 access to nutritionally depleted, technologically created, chemically treated “food,” many of us are taking in thousands of calories that do little to sustain us, let alone nourish us and encourage us to thrive.


A Six Step Plan For Success

How do you create lasting change this year in the areas that we struggle with most? As always, it starts with a plan and to help get you started, here’s a six step plan for success.