Home Decor

How To Make a Small Space Look BIG

With the rising cost of property, we, like many families living in capital cities in Australia, live in a small home. Our house is a duplex and similar in size to a large unit, so making the most of a small space is essential. Over the years as we’ve added to our family, I’ve picked […]

Home Decor

5 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

As an Instagram addicted blogger, having a bright home is pretty high on my list of necessities; it’s nestled in right above easily accessible caffeine and just below futuristic speed wi-fi. This is because I spend so much time taking pictures inside my house – I really have become totally light-obsessed. Most of the design […]

DIY Holiday Crafts

DIY Holiday: Dying Easter Eggs Naturally

Skip the Easter egg dyes that are lining the store shelves this time of year. You probably have a lot of items in your fridge already to dye eggs beautifully and naturally. It's a lot of fun to experiment with different types of colorful vegetables or fruits. In this case we used red cabbage (which […]