Spinach Dip Recipe

Kids rated this nutritionally enchanced recipe for Spinach Dip:: “Nice and creamy, Yummylicious!”


Chunky Turkey Super Bowl Chili

“I LOVED it… too good…Yummy…MORE, please!”  These Kid Kritics comments verify the fact that kids love spicy chili – beans, vegetables, chunks of turkey – all of it.  It’s a one pot meal that could be just perfect for that Super Bowl Party you've been planning. 


Purple Power Smoothie

This super quick and easy yogurt "power" smoothie is a sure" kid-pleaser" that you can feel good about serving your kids, since all of it's ingredients are super healthy and full of great nutrition without any empty, sugar laden calories that other commercially made smoothies often contain.


Cinnamon Meatballs

COMMENTS:  The kids loved this recipe so much they literally cleaned their plates; some licked away all evidence of meatballs and sauce!