Better-Than-KFC Chicken Strips

Throw away the KFC chicken strips, we’ve found a tastier (and quicker) recipe. These tasty morsels have become a family favourite and I love how versatile they are. I pop them into a wrap for the kids’ lunchboxes, pack them alongside a little hummus and some vegetable sticks for a weekend lunch at the park or combine […]

Starting Solids

How Babies Chew Without Teeth

Our sense of reason and logic leads us to believe that babies cannot possibly begin to eat foods that are not pureed until they have teeth. Toss this faulty logic and reason aside because in reality, babies do not need teeth to be able to enjoy "table foods" or finger foods. It is logical to […]


Classic Deviled Eggs

This week, family and friends will be gathering together for their 4th of July celebrations. Wherever the celebration is, don’t forget the deviled eggs!


Stuffed Mushrooms

We mostly think of stuffed mushrooms as a delicious hot appetizer. While this is definitely a great way to think of them, they can also make for a great meal!  A few on a plate with a salad and you're all set for dinner or lunch!