Cute & Creepy Halloween Cupcakes With Oreo Bat Toppers

Halloween is definitely the time to go all out in on your baking. Especially when it comes to Halloween cupcakes. You can doctor up store bought cupcakes with candy designs or get more creative by baking your own cupcakes and piping fun icing designs on them. These Oreo bat Halloween cupcakes are perfectly cute and […]

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14 Halloween Kids’ Movies to Stream Right Now

I’m not ready for Halloween, but my kids sure are. They’re tossing pumpkins into my supermarket cart, trying their costumes on daily and begging for candy corn, hoping it counts as a vegetable. As if! So how do I feed their insatiable Halloween hunger before the big day? With Halloween movies, of course. They’re chock […]


It’s Halloween and my kid is scared of everything

Halloween is fast approaching and everyone is excited, except for your child. You’ve learned to get the cute decorations instead of the scary ones. You skip Halloween movie previews and haunted houses but what about the stuff you can’t control? How can you prepare your timid little one for a season of scary surprises? Here’s […]