How To Help Defend Against Head LiceSponsored content

So, you’ve battled your first encounter with head lice, and you’re feeling like a super-parent. Go you! Head lice are an unfortunate part of childhood, but they affect nearly all of us so if you’ve just tackled your first outbreak, you’re doing great! But what now? Are the lice gone forever or will they come […]


Things to be aware of when kids come home scratchingSponsored content

It’s a moment every parent dreads. You’ve picked up your little ones from school and the first thing you notice is their incessant head scratching. Nope, not chicken pox – head lice! What do you do?! It’s a tough situation, but it’s important not to panic. You’re not alone! Head lice are very common – […]


How To Treat The First Signs Of Head LiceSponsored content

We all dread it, but the good news is if head lice is going around you don’t have to worry! I’ve put together this easy guide on how to treat the first signs of head lice. We’ve all been there. The kids come home with itchy heads, or complain that it feels like something is […]


Get Informed. Everything A Parent Needs To Know About Head LiceSponsored content

This post with everything you need to know about head lice is sponsored by MOOV Unless you are incredibly lucky, your kids will probably get head lice during their time at school. We’ve all had it once! I’ve been a teacher, and we used to regularly inspect kids’ hair in one of the schools I […]